About Me

My name is Sebastian Roth, and I'm passionate about creating digital products that incorporate a high level of empiricism and engaging UX to help users progress in their lives. Currently, I'm pursuing a major in Big Data & Business Analytics, which includes Data Science, Statistics, and BI. In addition to my interests in these fields, I also consider myself an entrepreneur, designer, and software engineer, always on the lookout for unique opportunities.

I have a thirst for knowledge and am excited about learning. I'm interested in a variety of subjects, from politics to philosophy and economics, and I enjoy exploring the world and expanding my horizons.

Personal Projects

iOS app: Photo Editing App

iOS app: Vintage Filter Camera

iOS app: Video-based personalized fitness training

iOS app: Interval Timer Workout App

iOS app: Cinematic Video Filters for Filmmaking Enthusiasts

iOS app: Object and Color Detection App for the Visually Impaired

UI Designs

Online Presence

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